PG Higher Diploma

"PG Higher Diploma in : Footwear Technology and Management Studies"

Objective :

To develop middle level managers for the shoe and allied industry with the competency to produce quality footwear with higher productivity and to improve overall competitiveness of the firm

Accreditation/ Certification :

The course is accredited with Textile Institute, UK

Collaboration :

The course is conducted in association with Leicester College of Footwear, UK

Duration of the course : 18 months
Course Commencement : January 2018
Intake Capacity : 15
          Qualification : Degree in Engel Science or MBA/TICA/ M.Com
          Age : 20 years and above
Admission Procedure :

Through written Test and/or Interview. Preference will be given to Engineering graduates.

Methodology :

Class room lectures, practical classes, factory visits, In-plant training, market survey and tutorials.

External training to be conducted in Leicester UK for a period of 6 weeks

Factory Placement and Case Study for a period of four weeks after every semester of the curriculum (3 times)

Assessment :

Theory & Practical examinations, project, work & asssignments

Course Curriculum :

Semester Topic No. Topic No. of Teaching hrs Total hrs per Semester
1. Theory work 1.1 Introduction to footwear materials and performance 90  
  1.2 Structure and Economy of shoe industry 20  
  1.3 Management principles and industry practice 30  
  1.4 HR Management and Industrial relations 30  
    Summary of theory work   170
1 Practical work 1.5 Design and Pattern Cutting
Prepare Patterns for 3 pairs project shoes



  1.6 Cutting pre training and theory
Cutting 3 pairs of Project shoes
    Summary of Practical work   210
1 Factory Theory 1.7 Factory Placement and Case
Study – Footwear Materials & testing in the factory
  4 weeks
2 Theory work 2.1 Introduction to Footwear Manufacture technology 70  
  2.2 Purchasing & Inventory control 30  
  2.3 Industrial Engineering & Productivity 70  
    Summary of Theory work   170
2 Practical work 2.4 Stitching pre- training & theory
Stitching 3 pairs Project shoes
  2.5 2D CAD Pattern Engineering and 3D designing 60  
    Summary of Practical work   230
2 Factory work 2.6 Factory Placement & Case Study Nr 2
Product Development cycle
  4 weeks
Theory work 3.1 Plant layout, Transportation, & Materials Handling 30  
  3.2 Machinery Technology and Maintenance 30  
  3.3 Total Quality Management 80  
  3.4 Operations Research and Resource Management 30  
    Summary of Theory Work   170
Practical work 3.5 Lasting and Sole attaching process pre-training
Last and Finish 3 prs project shoes



    Summary of practical work   180
Practical work 3.6 Factory Placement & Case Study No. 3–
Total Quality Management in practice
  4 weeks
Theory work 4.1 Production Planning and Control 40  
  4.2 Costing and Financial Control in shoe manufacture 50  
  4.3 Export Management 40  
  4.4 Marketing, Merchandising & Supply Chain 40  
  4.5 Entrepreneurship Development 40  
    Summary of Theory work   210
Practical work 4.6 Test: Make 2 pairs of moccasin shoes 100  
    Summary of practical work   100
  4.7 Footwear Fashion Study and Analysis
Supply Chain Management and Value Analysis
International Business Environment and Studies
Advanced Technology and System Studies
(Advanced Shoe CAD, Production Methodology, IT application, New idea generation
Specific case studies:
a)Managing the supply chain and quality
b)Conduct market research and prepare own collection of minimum 4 styles. These styles will form the basis of the Final Project which will be conducted in CFTI.
240 6 weeks in UK


This external training will be managed by Leicester College of Footwear. They will arrange appropriate teaching and placements for attending graduates from the CFTI.

5 Combination of Theory + Practical work   Final Project
Examinations and Assessments
    Summary of part 5   240

Course Duration Summary :

Activity Activity Hours Months
Theory work 720 hrs
Practical work 720 hrs 6.0
Work placements in India 3 to 4 weeks 3.0
Work placement in UK 6 weeks 1.5
Final project in India 6 weeks 1.5
Exams and Assessments* in India 2 weeks 0.5
TOTAL for Course   18.0

Fee Structure :

Tuition Fee Rs. 2,10,000/-
Raw material Fee Rs. 25,000/-
Moderation fee Rs. 25,000/-
Uniform Charges -
Caution Money (Refundable) Rs. 5,000/-

Rs. 4,65,000/-

(*) Seat Reserved for Industry Sponsored Candidates. The sponsoring industry has to pay double the amount of tution fee alongwith other through account payee cheque.
(*) Rs 2,00,000/- extra for travel , Stay & fod expenses for the external training at Leicester college, UK for a period of 6 Weeks.