Short Term Courses


  • QUALIFICATION: 10th pass or equivalent in any stream.
  • AGE:
    • The candidate should have attained the minimum age of 17 years at the time of admission.
    • 5 years relaxation will be given in case of SC / ST candidates and 3 years in case of OBC.
    • Tution Fee : Rs. 10,000/-
    • Caution Money (Refundable) : Rs. 2,000/-
    • Total : Rs. 12,000/-


  • The total available seats in CFTI will be filled in by the candidates purely on merit, based on the performance in the written test and interview.
  • The seats for SC / ST candidates will be filled up as per the Government of India rules and regulations.


First Month

  • Introduction about the last, Foot, Footwear in relation to the Design and Pattern Engineering.
  • Demonstrate and practice of drawing free hand 3Dsketches of different shoe and importance of colour combination.
  • Emphasize the importance of range building and market segmentation in relation to the development of new designs for the customers in a particular fashion.
  • To understand the principles of designing and pattern cutting and the importance of accurate patterns for the production.
  • Elementary knowledge about Clicking, Closing, Lasting and Bottom Making.
  • To understand the sequence of process involved in the design and pattern cutting section.
  • Demonstrate and practice the development of inner, outer and mean from the last of a Court shoe by taping method.
  • Develop design of a classic Court Shoe on the last.
  • Demonstrate and practice the development of patterns of the above design for the production (net and allowance)by direct and mixed method.

Second Month

  • Designing
  • Development of Classic Gibson Design on the last.
  • Development of Sectional Pattern of Gibson.
  • Development of Classic Oxford Design on the last.
  • Development of Sectional Pattern on the same.
  • Development of Ladies Casual Design and its Sectional Patterns.
  • Development of Gents Casual Design with Elastic and its Sectional Patterns.
  • Development of Ankle Boot Design with its standard (foer paramilitary forces) and its sectional pattern.

Third & Fourth month

  • Development of Classic Brogue Designing (Italian Style) on the last.
  • Development of Sectional Pattern of the classic Brogue.
  • Development of True Moc Design (Italian Style) on the last.
  • Development of Sectional Patterns of the same and setting of punches of different seams.
  • Development of Ladies Long Boot Design and its Sectional Patterns including upper & lining.

Fifth & Sixth month

  • Development of Bottom Patterns of Last/Footwear for production.
  • Introduction to Grading of Patterns by hand and by machine.
  • Demonstrate and practice the different Grading Method.
  • Practical training and theoretical details about grading of shoe component by machine.
  • Development of own style for a particular market and its Sectional Patterns.
  • Assessment of the work learned during the course by making a pullover of the design already developed.
  • Demonstration and practice of Footwear Designing and Grading on 2D CAD System


The assessment during the course is conducted on regular basis. As such, there is no terminal or final exams conducted during the course but assessment tests are conducted on regular basis and at the end of each year, the grades obtained in different tests are compiled to obtain final grade. The grading system is as follows:

Marks Obtained Grade
0 - 39% F (Fail)
40% - 59% P (Pass)
60% - 74% M (Merit)
75% - 79% M+ (Merit+)
80% and above D (Distinction)