MSME- Technology Development Center (CFTI), Agra the institute of its own kind, has shouldered the responsibility of Human Resource Development for footwear and allied industry since its inception in 1963. It imparts knowledge and skill in the area of footwear designing and manufacturing technology through different training programmes and activities and the student are well accepted in the industry in various capacities such as; designers, production supervisors/managers, Quality controllers, market executives, merchandisers, buying house representatives and many of them are running their own enterprises.

Gone are the days, when the footwear was merely used for its functional purpose of protection and comfort in different climatic conditions, now it has become an inevitable part of the costume in these modern days. Besides, specific footwear with its unique health, safety and comfort values, has created its own space for different purposes like sport, industrial use, mountaineering, orthopedics and customized ones. A variety of materials, components and accessories are being used with the help of modern machinery, equipment and technology for making different designed and quality footwear. This has emerged the need to study, understand, interpret and practice footwear Designing and Manufacturing Technology in order to go for commercial production in large scale.

As such, Indian Footwear Industry plays an important role in socio-economic development of the country by creating ample employment opportunity in one hand and earning substantial foreign exchange for the country through exports on the order. It has created its own space in global scenario and sees a great potential in near future with the availability of abundant raw material base, manpower, market and favorable business conditions.

At this juncture, the responsibility and effort of the CFTI, Agra is very significant not only to provide training and enhance the capabilities of the young aspiring candidates but also for strengthening the technology and skill base in the industry. It is appealed to look into the possibilities for career opportunities in the footwear sector and industrial growth as whole.


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Sanatan Sahoo


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